February 16, 2011


EP and Stuff

January 21, 2011

Hi. So tomorrow we are releasing our debut EP ‘Letters’. If you havent already you can go and check out the track ‘Kingdoms’ which is now up on our Myspace and Purevolume. Anyway, we are all super siked to get it out there and for people to hear it and see the amazing artwork which Jesse Hunniford has designed for us. We received the EP the other day and are really happy with the sound and how it all turned out. The T-shirts also came the same day and while being a simple design, we are also very happy with them. If you can’t make it to a show to pick up either, you can order them from our Bigcartel, but both are a little more pricey due to postage and the such. The launch show is also tomorrow night, and is set to be a big night with our good friends Luca Brasi and Silent Majority. It is surely going to be a gnarly night, so make sure you bring your whiskey hands. We will do a Hobart release show soon, but are just sussing out the details of that. Other than everything EP related, we are playing with Abandon All Hope, Anguish, Surrender & The Fall Of Megatron on the 28th of Jan at Lloyds Hotel. Definitely should be a fun gig. Anyway, hope people get a chance to have a listen to the EP and like it:)

A Change Is Coming…

November 5, 2010

Alright, so its been ages since we’ve updated anything, so will do a quick run-down of what is happening at the moment. We are still recording the ep, which now for a number of reasons is getting changed drastically. The ep will be what you’ve come to expect from us music wise, but now will be pushing forward in a positve & different musical direction. All in all, we needed to sit down and talk about a number of things that were going on, because we weren’t all on the same page. Anyway, with thath said, everything is pushing forward and we will hopefully have the ep out in december sometime and will line up some shows too.

Senses Fail, Shows & EP

August 23, 2010

Hi guys, has been awhile since we’ve used this little fella. Anyway, as some of you may know, we didn’t play Senses Fail this Sunday just gone as we weren’t allowed to. There has been a situation down at The Brisbane Hotel in which we are currently not allowed to play there. Hopefully this matter will get resolved soon. Other news, we have a few shows coming up within the next month, a last show for awhile with the great Luca Brasi as Tyler is heading overseas for a little bit ( please check out the guys here ), and a support slot with Miles Away, just to name a few. So hopefully you can come along and wreck some shit 🙂 We have been busily recording our EP and only have Joel’s guitar, Alex’s bass and my screaming left to do. Then it’s just gotta be mastered and all that jazz, and sent off to get pressed. We havn’t fully decided on the layout scheme yet, but our mate Jesse (Hunni Photographics) is helping us out with all that. No expected date as of yet, but we will hopefully look at getting some tees done to coincide with the release of the EP. I can tell you that we have six songs for it, but will wait to release the tracklisting. All the new lyrics have been posted on the Myspace if you would like to learn them. Hopefully we will have some snippets of the songs for you to listen to also.
Thanks for stopping by, and will try and keep this abit more up to date.

A Fresh Start…

May 17, 2010

Hey people. Thanks for stopping by our page:) Hopefully we can keep this updated fairly regularly on whats happening with STCT. As of the moment we are playing a few shows in the coming months, with some pretty awesome bands. For all the details check out our Myspace page. When the bulk of these shows are over we will be heading back down to Fatlip Studio with the man Dave Venter behind the desk. We have already got all the tracking done for the song Consequences, and the drum tracks for another song, Kingdoms, all down. Over the next few months we will be busily trying to get all the songs down, hopefully looking at a 7 track ep. Will be able to keep you updated on here and by the way of videos, filmed and edited by Jesse Hunniford (Hunni Photographics). There are currently a couple of videos up on Youtube, so you should definately check them out! You can check out his other work at: . We will also be writing some new stuff and re-working some old stuff too. We should hopefully have our new page layout up and running VERY soon, it has taken awhile but has definately been worth the wait. That is about all for now:) Luke